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Nina's Page

Nina was Maisie's first cria Maisie developed an infection shortly after giving birth and so Nina became a bottle fed cria, although Maisie did eventually start providing some milk after a couple of months. During those first few minutes whilst the cria is still wet we put a towel down to help baby dry off and warm up, and generally put a little coat on too, the fleece lining warms up the cria and helps the drying out process. Here mum Maisie, and grandma Helen are encouraging Nina to wriggle around to warm up. 

Summer's are often a bit cool in Northumberland, so the cria often spend their first few nights inside, and will have a warm cria coat for those chilly days.

Nina in her coat

Heading out after  spell indoors with mum Maisie having recovered from an infection.

Nina (1 year old) enjoys cooling off in a paddling pool

Nina paddling
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